Eric Davidson

Eric Davidson

Eric Davidson is a blues, rock, funk, r&b saxophonist who currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Eric exclusively plays a Kim’s Tiger Tenor Japan version saxophone and Roland AE10 Aerophone. Eric actively plays the Phoenix music scene with Innocent Joe and the Hostile Witnesses, Ska Band Standard Suspects, blues band Hoodoo Casters, Outside the Line wedding and corporate band, and several other acoustic groups. Eric has also performed with Arizona Blues Hall of Fame: Mike Howard, Bill Tarsha, Gypsy Genevieve Castorena, Bob Corritore, Dave Forster, and Jim Glass. Eric grew up in the Chicagoland area playing the local blues and jam scene. Eric has studied with master teachers: Skinny Williams (Smooth Jazz and Blues artist), Walter Beasley (Professor at Berkeley College of Music and Smooth Jazz artist), Greg Fishman (Stan Getz Jazz expert, Author, and Master educator), and Tim Price (Jazz Professor at New School University) He is a true Chicago blues man and has performed or jammed with blues greats: Skinny Williams, Jimy Rogers of the Mauds, Tom Holland, Joe Moss, Ivy Ford, Holle Maxwell, Toronzo Cannon, Mike Wheeler, Chainsaw Dupont, Annika Chambers and many others. In 2012, Eric and his family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to expand his company, Santana Equipment Trading. Eric is a family man with wife, Denise of 24 years and two kids, Adam and Jolie.

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