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Benoît Meynier

Benoît Meynier
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Soprano, alto and tenor saxophonist, Benoît Meynier discoverd jazz music
througout familly discography. Later on, in the Jazz Club of Dunkerque which will
allow him to discover any french and foreign musicians all with various
He will keep on studying jazz, first in the national school of music in Lille, then in
the Improvised Music Association (AMI, in the south of france), then in the Didier
Lockwood School of Music (CMDL) and finally in the bobigny national school of
Throughout his education he has had the opportunity to met great musicians
such as André JAUME (a french free jazz musician), Larry SCHNEIDER and
Mark GIULIANA. Those encounters will allow to have a wide vision of the jazz
music landscape and will give him the will to explore different aspects of the jazz
Based in in Paris, He teaches saxophone and plays in various Bands such as :
PENROSE TRIO (whom he's the
leader, first album out in 2020 September on the label DELUGE),
Français :
Videos link :
TACTUS Quintet :

Videos link :
TACTUS Quintet :

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